Saturday, December 17, 2005

am i really an adult?

i just had a moment of 'i am TWENTY and living ON MY OWN in a CITY where i have ADVENTURES and i'm about to VISIT my PARENTS for the weekend'. right after i finish this bowl of ramen.

it's still so bloody surreal. i love it.

solstice is coming up. we are having round yellow foods and are going to be merry.

last night there was a party at renee's. had a fun time squinting at street signs getting there because baltimore doesn't believe in them, apparently. i love that she lives on the dodgy end of calvert. it's got much more character than the 29-3700 blocks.

there was a hot man in a utilikilt. and steel-tipped boots. uhm. yes, please. also, many fantastic geeks.

and i learned a bit about pansexuality, something i hadn't come across before, and it was interesting.

then i came home and went to bed and had v. strange dreams. the end.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

lilacs and ice.

and being drunk in your own apartment has a really fantastic feeling to it.

also, music is delicious. sometimes it leaves good metal tings in my mouth.

i'm sure i'll read this tomorrow and be mortified. OH WELL. :D

Thursday, October 20, 2005

i'm not so great with the multi-tasking.

the problem with having more than one blog is that you forget to update one.


things have been really excellent here in bmore lately. i've got a great apartment in waverly, close to the homewood campus of hopkins, which i don't really care about because i'm not a student. but it also happens to be directly across the alley from two of my best friends and their rotating house-mates. which i once was. :D

i've taken photos of it before i moved all my crap in, but i don't have a suitable usb cord for my camera, so i can't get them over. ah well. one of these days.

and if things keep on going as they are, i'll have a job at hopkins for real, and not just a temporary assignment. !!!

good times.

Friday, September 16, 2005

until it hurts, right?

i'm sure i don't need to tell anyone how tragic the devastation from hurricane katrina was. i have good friends who's lives will never ever be the same.

so, i ask that if anyone reads this blog, to please donate money or time, or knowledge to organizations who's donations will go to katrina relief. i've donated, i'm going to donate more once i get my next paycheck.

i feel like we have to show 'the president' how things ought to be done.

here are a few links to organizations to whom i feel comfortable giving my money.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

experiments with baking...

attn - residents of waverly, charles villiage, and hampden:

please do not be alarmed if you spot a fifty-foot-tall mound of pizza dough rising in the general vicinity of 33rd and ellerslie. i just haven't mastered xanthan gum yet.

carry on.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

dear man wot picked your butt in front of baltimore highschool on the alameda,

i totally saw you. you were wearing a lime-green shirt.


Friday, August 05, 2005

music and limbs.

life came and kicked me in the butt this past ...month. but i've been thinking about music and living in a city for the first time in my life, and i've started putting together a soundtrack. inspired largely by my daily commute to and from work, where two minutes of it are spent riding down Saint Lô through clifton park, which is an absolutely beatiful area. my favorite two minutes of my day.

the gate house they speak of is now closed-off with a chain-link fence, but i'd dearly like to sneak inside and take pictures. there are vines growing on the (eight!) walls and i can see large, rectangular pits in the floor. very lovely, actually.

there's also a white outdoor ampitheater set into the distance. methinks i should drag some of my more musically inclined friends down for an impromtu concert. word! (how's that for a nice, round segue?)

so, in light of the lovely scenery of baltimore, i've put together this rotating soundtrack.

carnival - tori amos.
sleeping sattelite - tasmin archer.
song for a winter's night - sarah mclachlan.
gabriel (nellee hooper remix) - lamb.
things behind the sun - nick drake.
haunted - poe.
la dispute - amelie soundtrack.

and things of that various nature.

also, the other day on my walk down monument street, a homeless man asked me where is pants were. i gave him an orange and suggested they (the pants wot he was missing) were in the hospital. and today i hailed a taxi for a man with prosthetic arms and legs.

i love this city.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


hiya. this is where i brag about the city i live in, baltimore, maryland. i fell in love with baltimore when i began visiting my good friends here regularly a year ago. i loved it so much, i picked up and moved down from newark, delaware. i'm a kelly girl, working at johns hopkins at the moment while i transfer my delaware massage therapy license to maryland.

i'm interested in clothing design, and working on starting my own company.

i like to write, short stories and wee essays.

i like to make art in photoshop.

i like lots of things. i hope to be less boring in future posts.