Tuesday, July 29, 2008


so, life is grand. reading a hell of a lot lately. just about half-way through A Scholar of Magics by Caroline Stevermere, having already completed a College of Magics. enjoying those v much. exactly the sort of fantasy i enjoy. realistic characters, enjoyable action. love and loss and drama and humor.

also reading louise rennison's georgia nicolson series. i started these aaaaaaages ago. back in highschool, even. and when i was in borders on sunday with jamaila and don, i saw that there had been three more books put out that i didn't know about. so i bought two, and i will probably pick up the third this weekend sometime.

new apartment is delicious. i also splurged [monthly...] and got cable. SO MUCH LOVE FOR DISCOVER CHANNEL. SHARKWEEK. DUDE.

and work is going swimmingly, too.

like i said, grand.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


so, did not end up moving my things in earlier. in fact, was made to move all of my things plus clean in a day. an evening, even, since we got started around 4:30, and weren't finished scrubbing until 10.

yeah. not so pleased, thanks. i'm not going to raise a stink, though, as i've got to live in the building still, and it's done so i'm just relieved about that.


*pleased sigh* however, i won't have internet there until the tenth, so...

...it probably won't look much different around here.