Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Ines Fazlic, my goofiest, nuttiest friend.

How can you erase the thousand little strands that connect you with someone? A hundred instant messenger conversations and photos and text messages. Inside jokes for days and days.

She said outloud things that everyone was thinking to themselves. She told me once that it's okay, it's okay to be who I am. And she was absolutely and unapologetically who she was.

She was a life. She was a beautiful, vibrant life. And she's gone now, and all we can do is remember her.

Ina, I will know who you are forever. <3

Ina in Paris

Friday, October 02, 2009

Stargate: Universe

My thoughts on SGU, or as I've been referring to it, "Battlegate Galactica":

Ugghhhhhhhhh. Look. Okay. There is a fucking reason that Stargate enchanted viewers for twelve goddamn years. It was witty and bright and a goddamn joy to watch. It didn't need to be pretentious and dark and dramatic.

There was great drama, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't constant ridiculous drama. It was charming and fun, and it knew when to be serious about things. And that wasn't every minute all the time.

I miss the tone of the very first episode of of SG-1. I miss the background music, with the trumpets and the familiar theme.

I miss Stargate. This is not Stargate. This is "darker and grittier" for the sake of being dark and gritty. It doesn't bring any improvement. The formula didn't need to be improved. It has no sense or feel of the original.

This is just a science fiction show that has a gate in it.

All of that being said, and despite the inappropriate sex as character introduction [STARGATE NEVER NEEDED TO HAVE GRAPHIC SEX OKAY. IT USED INNUENDO AND SUBTEXT. GAWD.] I really like Lieutenant Scott.

But he's no Cam Mitchell.

So, Stargate: Universe, I'm putting you on warning. You've got three episodes to make me fall in love with you, and that's two more than SG-1 and SGA ever needed put together.

And that's what I have to say about that.