Sunday, August 21, 2005

experiments with baking...

attn - residents of waverly, charles villiage, and hampden:

please do not be alarmed if you spot a fifty-foot-tall mound of pizza dough rising in the general vicinity of 33rd and ellerslie. i just haven't mastered xanthan gum yet.

carry on.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

dear man wot picked your butt in front of baltimore highschool on the alameda,

i totally saw you. you were wearing a lime-green shirt.


Friday, August 05, 2005

music and limbs.

life came and kicked me in the butt this past ...month. but i've been thinking about music and living in a city for the first time in my life, and i've started putting together a soundtrack. inspired largely by my daily commute to and from work, where two minutes of it are spent riding down Saint Lô through clifton park, which is an absolutely beatiful area. my favorite two minutes of my day.

the gate house they speak of is now closed-off with a chain-link fence, but i'd dearly like to sneak inside and take pictures. there are vines growing on the (eight!) walls and i can see large, rectangular pits in the floor. very lovely, actually.

there's also a white outdoor ampitheater set into the distance. methinks i should drag some of my more musically inclined friends down for an impromtu concert. word! (how's that for a nice, round segue?)

so, in light of the lovely scenery of baltimore, i've put together this rotating soundtrack.

carnival - tori amos.
sleeping sattelite - tasmin archer.
song for a winter's night - sarah mclachlan.
gabriel (nellee hooper remix) - lamb.
things behind the sun - nick drake.
haunted - poe.
la dispute - amelie soundtrack.

and things of that various nature.

also, the other day on my walk down monument street, a homeless man asked me where is pants were. i gave him an orange and suggested they (the pants wot he was missing) were in the hospital. and today i hailed a taxi for a man with prosthetic arms and legs.

i love this city.