Saturday, December 17, 2005

am i really an adult?

i just had a moment of 'i am TWENTY and living ON MY OWN in a CITY where i have ADVENTURES and i'm about to VISIT my PARENTS for the weekend'. right after i finish this bowl of ramen.

it's still so bloody surreal. i love it.

solstice is coming up. we are having round yellow foods and are going to be merry.

last night there was a party at renee's. had a fun time squinting at street signs getting there because baltimore doesn't believe in them, apparently. i love that she lives on the dodgy end of calvert. it's got much more character than the 29-3700 blocks.

there was a hot man in a utilikilt. and steel-tipped boots. uhm. yes, please. also, many fantastic geeks.

and i learned a bit about pansexuality, something i hadn't come across before, and it was interesting.

then i came home and went to bed and had v. strange dreams. the end.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

lilacs and ice.

and being drunk in your own apartment has a really fantastic feeling to it.

also, music is delicious. sometimes it leaves good metal tings in my mouth.

i'm sure i'll read this tomorrow and be mortified. OH WELL. :D