Saturday, August 30, 2008

life update thus far:

got home from vacation last night. twere SO much fun. we laked and tubbed and horsed and all sorts of other -eds. my favorite was the horsing. i had a delightful white mare called Dolly. so it was Dolly and Molly and we had an Understanding. she wanted to be in the front of the line, but jamaila's horse [marvin? melvin? i can't remember] doesn't like dolly and bites her butt which then makes dolly kick him, so we wisely put dolly after him and she just kept making a dash for it when we sped up.

totes fun.

other life things: i've decided to go back to massage school. i am super excited about it, and i feel like it's definitely where i belong right now. i miss that feeling i had every day after school. like i was really learning, and that i am capable of tremendous things. it's no small task to take someone's pain and discomfort away, and i have always felt that it's something i should be doing for the rest of my life.

whether or not this will still lead to nursing school, i don't know. i want to take one day at a time and see how i go.

tomorrow is a cookout at jammer and don's, and i don't know what i will wear! clothing, of course, but what? is it going to rain? is it going to be sunny? I SHALL PREPARE FOR ALL EVENTUALITIES.

i enjoy cooking out. i enjoy cooking in, too. i enjoy cooks.

happiness all around. :D

things i am looking forward to in the coming months, in more or less chronological order:

weekend at my parents while they are off to portland.
opeth concert in october
thanksgiving with my parents
visiting my sister in january [trains! coffee shops! rain!]
WATCHMEN movie in march
maybe australia in april? i will try my hardest to get a ticket out there.
my birthday in may [24! DUDE AND WTF.]
various and sundry other events of importance.

i feel the need to throw a party soon. i like parties.