Thursday, September 25, 2008

getting ready for halloween [photos]

i'm throwing a fancy dress partay! i'm so excited. i'm actually throwing the party because i wanted an excuse to wear the costume i thought up the other day. i'm going to be amphitrite! i love greek mythology.

i'm going to wear a chiton with lots of strips of different colors of green and blue and i'm going to use shells as shoulder-broaches. i'll use some blue make-up to paint swirls and things on my face, and lots of shimmery glitter on my arms and legs. i experimented with my hair the other day, and this is the result:

those are strings of freshwater pearls that i bought from my pals over at anapurna

a little closer in. i'll have to take a less-blurry shot of my earrings. i got them at the ren fest last weekend and i ADORE them.

this was me trying to take a photo of the back. i didn't have a great angle, but i liked the photo anyway. it's got a sort of movement to it.

i'm going to dress lester up as a fish. HA. GET IT. i am really excited about this costume, you have NO IDEA.

Monday, September 22, 2008

bloody dreams

a few nights ago i dreamt i had to walk home in a pair of jeans and a sheet wrapped around my torso. it felt similar to the dreams i have where i'm naked and have to get home with dignity intact.

the streets were actually hallways like the ones in my old highschool, only dingy and rather post-apocalyptic. the ceilings were falling down and there were sparking wires hanging all over the place. the air was difficult to see through, like it was smoky.

all i knew was that i had to get my sword to survive the walk home. only, my sword WAS at home. so i was walking straight and purposeful, my head held high. i passed groups of people gathered in the corners. my apartment was up a ladder through a doorway to a classroom. i climbed up and got my sword and when i got back down, i had to fight the clusters of people. they had no weapons, but they were in groups of at least five or six.

I unsheathed verdigris [my sword. i name things, dun judge.] and started wailing on them and i woke up mid-slash. i was clutching my pillow and breathing fast, sweat pouring off my skin.

what to dreams of unspeakable violence mean, anyway? am i repressed? do i need to start taking fencing lessons? or better yet, boxing?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

fall fall fall

autumn is without a doubt my absolute and most favorite season. i like brisk walks bundled into a jacket and scarf. i like drinking coffee outside with a book wrapped in a blanket. i love the way my skin feels and the lightness of the air.

it is a completely gorgeous day outside. i want to lug my knitting basket up to the roof and finish bizzy's scarf. i want to take my books out on the fire escape and read all afternoon.

soon i'll be able to put lester in his sweaters. i am NOT one of those people that dresses up my dog because it's cute. i genuinely do it because he is skinny and the sweater really does help him stay warm in the cold. i wish he would fatten up a bit, but no amount of free feeding seems to pack on the chub. he's just a skinny boy. right now he is napping on my feet.

yarn! books! coffee! my afternoon awaits me. tomorrow, we're going to the ren fest. my first ever! cannot wait.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008


oh MAN, do i want a steak right now.

carry on.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

greetings from the mother-land

i am ...not in baltimore right now. HA. *mysterious*

not really. there isn't much mystery to delaware. i am, however, going to get my non-existent booty up here in a minute and take advantage of tax-free shopping at borders. i've started reading the Gideon Cutpurse trilogy, and i must go and purchase the second installment.

it's absolutely thrilling, and everything i look for in a sci-fi/fantasy story. adventure, intelligence, emotion. my father once told me that all good sci-fi has to have an emotional detail. he said that's what makes Aliens so amazing, because on top of all the [truly fantastic] action, the story-line of Ripley and Newt really pulled you in.

I've always agreed with him on that.

because it doesn't always have to be romance. in fact, it shouldn't always be romance, because there is so many sorts of love out there. it's probably my biological clock, but these days i enjoy family stories more completely than romance.

anyway. off to deprive some children of their literature. dun judge. besides, when pressed, i just say it's for research.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

थिस थिंग कीप्स ट्रांस्लातिंग इन्तो हिन्दी...

does that make any sense to anyone? I don't remember it translating directly into hindi before, but maybe I changed something?

HALLO. life is still grand. i cleaned up my kitchen last night, which was vastly satisfying. who knew that scrubbing the sink could make you feel so nice. i ran the dishwasher, i loaded it again. now I just need to come up with a better solution for my ridiculous amount of recycling. obvious answers would be a yellow bin of my very own, but i seem to be v. lazy about going out and getting one. I know they offer them on saturdays in various place, I guess I just need to find out when and where.

lalala bottles galore. they're all freaking yuengling, too, since don brings a case of the stuff to just about every D&D night. we do a pretty good job on them all, though, since there are about seven of us that play. still. lots of bottles. i am tempted to ask if my neighbor down the street wants any of them, as they have several green glass bottles on their fence top.

i'm also going to make a compost bin soon! imma start vermicomposting with some red wrigglers. i am v. excited, as i feel extremely guilty throwing away tea bags and fruit rinds and the like. now aloysius [palm] and louisa [pothos] and patience [pony-tail palm] will have delicious compost and casting tea to eat. i am also going to see if my neighbors kid wants to see how it's done. he's about five, so it should be fun activity.

in other things: i am waiting on tenterhooks for fall. i LOVE fall of all the seasons, and i want very much to be able to wear my scarves and my neat velvet jacket and some socks. not all the time socks, though, as they annoy me after a while.

it's doubly-nice because i am not responsible for any of the yardwork, so the anxiety of raking is removed entirely. HA. i am still relishing the fact that i dun do yardwork any longer. [in my first apartment, it was my duty as first-floor tenant. never. again.]

anyhoo. good times.