Saturday, September 20, 2008

fall fall fall

autumn is without a doubt my absolute and most favorite season. i like brisk walks bundled into a jacket and scarf. i like drinking coffee outside with a book wrapped in a blanket. i love the way my skin feels and the lightness of the air.

it is a completely gorgeous day outside. i want to lug my knitting basket up to the roof and finish bizzy's scarf. i want to take my books out on the fire escape and read all afternoon.

soon i'll be able to put lester in his sweaters. i am NOT one of those people that dresses up my dog because it's cute. i genuinely do it because he is skinny and the sweater really does help him stay warm in the cold. i wish he would fatten up a bit, but no amount of free feeding seems to pack on the chub. he's just a skinny boy. right now he is napping on my feet.

yarn! books! coffee! my afternoon awaits me. tomorrow, we're going to the ren fest. my first ever! cannot wait.



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  1. I, too, love fall, but Iowa is confused. I went to the women's music fest yesterday (hippie lesbians in a park! whee!) and it was 82 degrees and sunny. Wtf? But then I'd rather have that than snow in October, which happened last year. I can't wait till next fall when I'm not so busy and can do things like knitting and drinking coffee outside. Yay!