Wednesday, September 03, 2008

थिस थिंग कीप्स ट्रांस्लातिंग इन्तो हिन्दी...

does that make any sense to anyone? I don't remember it translating directly into hindi before, but maybe I changed something?

HALLO. life is still grand. i cleaned up my kitchen last night, which was vastly satisfying. who knew that scrubbing the sink could make you feel so nice. i ran the dishwasher, i loaded it again. now I just need to come up with a better solution for my ridiculous amount of recycling. obvious answers would be a yellow bin of my very own, but i seem to be v. lazy about going out and getting one. I know they offer them on saturdays in various place, I guess I just need to find out when and where.

lalala bottles galore. they're all freaking yuengling, too, since don brings a case of the stuff to just about every D&D night. we do a pretty good job on them all, though, since there are about seven of us that play. still. lots of bottles. i am tempted to ask if my neighbor down the street wants any of them, as they have several green glass bottles on their fence top.

i'm also going to make a compost bin soon! imma start vermicomposting with some red wrigglers. i am v. excited, as i feel extremely guilty throwing away tea bags and fruit rinds and the like. now aloysius [palm] and louisa [pothos] and patience [pony-tail palm] will have delicious compost and casting tea to eat. i am also going to see if my neighbors kid wants to see how it's done. he's about five, so it should be fun activity.

in other things: i am waiting on tenterhooks for fall. i LOVE fall of all the seasons, and i want very much to be able to wear my scarves and my neat velvet jacket and some socks. not all the time socks, though, as they annoy me after a while.

it's doubly-nice because i am not responsible for any of the yardwork, so the anxiety of raking is removed entirely. HA. i am still relishing the fact that i dun do yardwork any longer. [in my first apartment, it was my duty as first-floor tenant. never. again.]

anyhoo. good times.

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  1. Wow. People still play D&D? In decent group sizes? I'm secretly envious.