Wednesday, February 04, 2009

i got a new plant.

well, new old plant that i've actually had for a few months now and forgot to mention. she is a corn plant that a coworker gave to me because her new office has no room. her name is constance cordelia. she's a full-figured lady that adds a bit of sass to the kitchen window crew, which includes patience [pony-tail palm] and louisa [pothos]

poor aloysius [palm] is still the only fella since bob/fred [bamboo] kicked a few months back.

why are you looking at me that way?


  1. Hey, lady. Are you interested in me visiting you? There's a possibility I'll be down your way Feb 28-March 1.

    BTW - I've commented a couple times now, but I figure I should check that you have figured out my identity and haven't pegged me for a crazy stalker. Let me know if you need a hint.

  2. Oh yes, I looked you up before. I'm just so much more lazy when it comes to commenting back on here than on LJ. the commenting system leaves something to be desired on blogger.

    anyhoo, i am v. interested in you visiting! What's the occasion?