Friday, November 20, 2009

Karma gets you pastry.

Twenty-five things for which I am thankful, in no particular order:

- Coffee mugs from California.
- My cellular telephone.
- My laptop computer.
- My favorite turquoise necklace.
- My zombie messenger bag.
- My imagination.
- Science Fiction.
- My ID badge that gets me into doors marked "Authorized Personnel Only" because that's a secret thrill even after five years.
- Scrapple.
- Secret corridors.
- Goofy action movies.
- Eggplants.
- My Kitchen-aide five-speed hand-mixer with milk-shake attachment. It probably has a proper title, but I use it for milk-shakes. So there.
- Hyphens.
- Punctuation in general, even if I abuse it horribly.
- My health.
- Words.
- People.
- Old Navy. It's actually a problem. A delightful, brightly-colored problem with clean lines and thoughtful design.
- My family.
- My dog.
- Music.
- My friends. Even the ones that make me want to pull my own hair out. They keep it interesting.
- Dark, hoppy beer.
- Ramen noodles.
- Love.

Obviously this is just a random assortment. I'm thankful for basically everything in my life, even the inconveniences and complications. It builds character, and I am all about character development.


EDIT: I've taken this story down in the hopes that I can get it published. Thanks for the wonderful comments on it, you guys are awesome.


  1. great blog! I enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing! it actually brought tears to my eyes... it could be that i have been a little teary anyway.. but i dont think so.

  2. Thank you, Dara! <3 I am going to give you the hugest hug on Saturday.

  3. <3 <3 for wrangling our three ill-mannered hounds on a hectic Monday.

  4. They were no trouble, though, Nina! I was just late. :D <3

  5. I love my little gal so much. I would have expected nothing less from you.

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  7. Coupons at OYIN handmade in Baltimore, so I thought of you.

    Sorry for spewing on your feedreader. I edited your comment with a reply, but I'm not sure whether you'd get a notification for that.