Thursday, November 17, 2011

Borrowed time runs out.

When you adopt an adult pet, the moment they're yours, you're immediately buying time.  An eleven year old Maltese might have another 5 years in him.  Six, if you're lucky and can afford trips to the Pet ER.

This is the table you're invited to sit down at when you adopt any animal.  Your new host will let other guests come and take a little bit with them if they leave.  Such is the greed of Illness and Accidents.  Sometimes Lost comes to take your host from the table for a while, but hopefully not for long and not meeting with Accidents on the way home.

Yet, at some point you will have to leave the table yourself, and it's a hard, sad goodbye.

Yesterday I said my goodbyes to Lester.  He was my sweet, sweet boy, and I won't ever forget him as long as I live.

Lester on film


  1. what a loving thing you did, to adopt him. And to let him go. And I think all time is borrowed: when you adopt a puppy, a kitten, when you let a new person into your life, and your one knows what will happen, and when. It's all precious.

  2. You gave him so much, Mollies. He adored you, and you gave him a true "bonus round" of years of happiness. I hope that is comforting to you, even as you miss him. Love.

  3. That was one lovely relationship - and you made him SO happy. No dog ever got so much love.

  4. You're right, it was borrowed time. But man, did you make it an awesome last leg for him. I've rarely seen an animal so attached and in love with his owner and vice versa. He will be missed, but you have made it so he will live on, not only in your memories and deeds, but in the minds of so many people that you both touched.

    Love you, Mols.

  5. As a frequent pet owner, and now dad....I've come to think that the 'curse' of our animals not living as long as we do may be to appreciate life and it's shortness. All my cats have been rescues....cause the world needs more helpers for the little guys. Mol, the animals thank you for sharing your time with them. <3