Thursday, June 19, 2008

new lease on life!

well, livingspace, anyway. i'm moving! upstairs! the new place is gorgeous and perfect and has the most delightful kitchen oh em gee. it's at least twice the size of my current place, and that suits me down to the floor as i really really need the space.

i simply cannot wait. i'll officially be moving the first of july, but it seems to be the best idea to start moving my things a little earlier. my landlady is agreeable, and it means i'll have time to really clean my old place for the new tenant. there are two years worth of dust in the closets that i would really like to get rid of. and i never did clean the windows. i will before i leave, though, because that's just nice, and i don't want my new neighbor to think i am a slob.

even though i am.

lalala new apartmentcakes!!! so pleased!

1 comment:

  1. Exciting! Especially since you're staying in your awesome neighbourhood (where I may be looking for an apartment in a little over a year, lady). Congratulations!