Wednesday, June 18, 2008

poetry dump.

the spring and summer of 2005 was a very creative, important time for me. i travelled to europe, i moved to baltimore, i made friends and tried a million new things. and for some reason, very little of the poetry i wrote at that time ever made it beyond my documents folder.

so, here are two short pieces that i've just skimmed through and decided that i still like them, after all this time.

    march 2, 2005.

    everyone needs their secrets.
    things to tuck away inside little boxes with blue roses and yellow paper.
    my secret has a silver hook that rests
    on the back of my spine

    there are reasons we keep silent when we want to scream
    ways to make the ground stop rushing
    there are people to love
    in between

    i just need to get there.

    sensory that
    march 4, 2005

    i am happiest by the way of my
    flowers, they smell like
    i think of you in
    how does the sky
    where does it all
    who, who takes this
    from me.

    there is a smile that you
    we sleep in the
    we love we love we love

    have you ever seen a
    freckle by the freckle that is
    scent is the strong way
    remember the way we talked.

1 comment:

  1. mom interrupted me at the second freckle with some bs about whether to put a night table in my room and i could have killed her.