Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back from the brink?

So! A lot has happened since my last, morose post. Lester is doing SO much better, I can hardly believe my eyes. He has full energy, his appetite is voracious, and he's peeing like a racehorse. these are all good signs! it looks like my little guy is going to be with me for a while longer. something that i am so unbelievably grateful for.

thank you all SO MUCH for all your kind words and thoughts. knowing that i had such a fantastic group of people rooting for us made the whole ordeal that much more manageable.

i love y'all. thank you thank you thank you.

1 comment:

  1. YAY Lester!

    Also, a band I like will be playing The Zodiac (1726 N Charles Street), which used to be a bar/restauant/venue and now is just a performance space, on January 29th. They were supposed to come to Philadelphia on the 31st, but I no longer see that on their calendar, so I guess they never found a venue here.