Monday, January 12, 2009

Lester Blanchard

Lester went into congestive heart failure Saturday morning. He woke me up about 4 with a persistent dry, hacking cough. When he refused water and didn't settle down by 4:45, I started to suspect CHF and took him to the Falls Road Animal Hospital. Once there, they had difficulty listening to his heart, took x-rays and confirmed he had fluid in his chest.

To avoid going in to debt for multiple thousands of dollars, I've decided to take the "make him comfortable" route. They gave him a hefty shot of Lasix, and I'll be giving him some orally for a few days to try to clear out the fluid.

So far, so good. Outwardly, he's not behaving any differently, he didn't even cough much during the weekend after starting the diuretic, but he's certainly peeing a lot.

I'm at peace with this decision. If he was seven instead of fourteen, circumstances might be different, but, as my father put it, he's basically a 95 year old man. So while I can't imagine being without him, I know that the time will come soon, and I think I've given him a pretty good life these last four years.

Please keep us in your thoughts.

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  1. Mollies, I got your email, I'm sorry I didn't respond. I am thinking of and love both of you. If I can do anything, let me know. In the meantime, I will hold your hand. <3