Monday, March 23, 2009

lalala party times

Tried to throw a rager for twenty on saturday, which then turned into an intimate dinner party for five. Was very good all the same - Dogfish has started putting out their springy hoppy beers, and I must say that I indulged in a few. A fantastic and delightful evening.

Then, on Sunday, once I overcame the inevitable hangover, I went over to Leah and Marc's and we started brewin'! We made a batch of mead and some sorrel wine, which should be FANTASTIC in a few months. Sorrel is a hibiscus that is very popular in the carribbean for drinks. We boiled water, sugar, those dried flowers and some cinnamon and cloves, and it smelled like chrismas! Very deep purple, too. Can't wait!

I'm over my dissappointment with Watchmen. It's cool, it's hollywood. I'll just pick and choose the imagery I enjoyed, and it will help fuel my future re-readings of the book.

lalala lovely lovely weekend! How were yours? Report!

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  1. In a word: busy.

    Getting super excited about moving back to Balllllltimmoooreeee!