Tuesday, April 08, 2008

bring out your dead

oh god oh god i have the plague. minus buboes and, you know, death. BUT IT FEELS JUST AS BAD. and i'm here at work, because i couldn't justify staying home as i do not have a fever.

wtf, lungs?

i think i probably should have worn a more substantial coat yesterday, what with all my runnings around. last night i went to bed with a bit of a tickle in my chest, and this morning i woke hacking and groaning. now i'm drinking some detox yogi tea. i would have grabbed my Temple of Health tea, but i was rushing this morning, and forgot. also, it's loose, and i'd have had to grab a basket or even my cast-iron teapot. WHICH, by the way, is exactly the teapot that Inara has in Firefly. it's just the wee version, for one/two cups.

i blame this affliction of the respiratory system entirely on jamaila.

*pathetic look*

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