Tuesday, April 08, 2008


it gets worse and worse. i went to the doctor this afternoon, and came out with a prescription for antibiotics, which she told me to take only if i develop a fever.

then i went home and passed out for several hours. afterward, i was totally loopy and crazy. i went to the grocery store to get my prescription and some medicinal popsicles and various crunchy delicious things.

now i've got a fever and i am PATHETIC. i am loaded to the gills with nyquil. i was reading the box, and i realized i possibly shouldn't have taken any since it's only been four hours since my last dose of adderoll. then i decided i didn't care, and i can't wait to pass out again. not going into work tomorrow. staying home and hacking in bed.



  1. oh no!! poor mollee!! let us know if you need us to stop by with supplies...

    feel better soon sweetie.

  2. Yeah, me too. I'm not doing anything for the next few days, so if you need any nursing, holla