Wednesday, April 09, 2008

okay, so i might have been melodramatic...

a good solid day of bed rest and medicinal popsicles, and i am feeling much better now, thanks. i did NOT start the antibiotics, which i am glad of, because that means i would have had to finish the entire course even though they were unnecessary, and if i hadn't, i'd be adding to the rest of the anti-biotic resistant ARSEHOLES out there.

to avoid a rant, just read this: do not use antibacterial hand-wash, lotion, or waterless sanitizer [unless its' alcohol-based]. IT DUN DO ANY GOOD.

lalala, you can tell i am feeling better when i get indignant. <3

i hart nyquil.

1 comment:

  1. glad you are feeling better!! lestah must have taken good care of you.

    bizzy says alcohol-based waterless sanitizer is fine and not evil. although tough on your hands. the rest is evil, totally agree.