Monday, April 07, 2008

random thoughts for a cloudy monday...

people keep leaving umbrellas at my desk today. i can understand one being forgotten, but then there was a second and now a third. the second one is still wrapped in plastic, even.

i may have to make-off with the plastic-wrapped one, it's a jumbo wind-proof, and i like a big, imposing umbrella.

my friend Nina has herself a few vintage/antique umbrellas and uses them. i think that's neat; why collect something that is made to be used and then put it on a shelf? my favorite one of hers is a sharp navy and white polka-dot number with a graceful curve at the tip.

i don't even think it's raining at the moment, but i suppose one should always be ready. the only time i ever remember to carry an umbrella is if i am going to a job interview. don't ask me why, i think it is because a friend once told me i should look like i am well-prepared for such occasions. the rest of the time, i deal with the soggy hair and damp shoes. adds to my allure.

i want to be playing chess right now. weirdly. i just don't want to be working. i want to be napping. or reading. or dozing and reading. ooh, dozing, reading, and drinking a cup of tea. mmmmmmmmmmm, delicious lazy cloudy day activities. except i can't, because i am at work, and i've got to deal with all the douche-bag people that come in here.

and yet, i'm also a lot more apathetic than i used to be. i suppose.

lalala, new car-cakes. i'll be bringing the jetta down here after one more trip to delaware [the 'rents] to practice. i don't know why, but learning stick was really hard to do. i developed some kind of mental block against it, and i couldn't figure out how to get moving from a stand-still. it took the motivation of a sweet ride to break the barrier, and now i'll be able to cruise around town in my 2000 Volkswagen v6 jetta. although, there won't be much cruising, as gas is ridiculous. i foresee much shuttling to work in my future.

am reading a new science fiction series by Kage Baker. The Company. I just finished In the Garden of Iden, and it tore my heart neatly out and danced around on it for a while. achingly beautiful writing. the descriptions were delicious, and the character development perfect. Mendoza's transformation from jaded naivete to bliss to heartbroken back to jaded is astounding in its perfect reality and believability.

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