Friday, April 11, 2008

five am.

i went to bed at six last night. perhaps i shouldn't have taken my nyquil right after i got home from work...

so then i woke up first at three, dozed for a while, tossed and turned, and finally at four-thirty, i got up and took lester outside. the air is gorgeous and soft and just the slightest bit on the chilly side. i came back upstairs and hopped into a looooong hot shower, and now i am dripping gently and catching up on my blogroll.

it's friday, which means jeans, and tomorrow i am brunching with jamaila and don, and then going up to delaware. WHERE I AM POSSIBLY RETRIEVING MY JETTA WOT WOT WOT. SO excited about that car, you have no idea. i can drive a stick-shift! ME. woooo!

who wants to go joy-riding in my spanking new[ish] v6? it'll be a short ride, because i am not made of gasoline, but joyous all the same!

also, am seeing apocalyptica in may with michael and possibly jeff. fun! haven't broken out my apo CDs in a while, and i feel i should do so to get properly in the mood. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?

lalala fridaycakes.

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