Monday, April 07, 2008

dog day.

jeff from across the street called me just as i was leaving work, asking if i wanted to go to the dog park at wyman. he was taking his roommates dog, misty, and lord knows lester needs to get out more.

so we went! it is a delightful park! we ran into an old roommate of his, who's got a FANTASTIC german shepherd rescue called Shadow. there was a hilarious little corgie zooming around who looked exactly like a bullet on her little short leggies. and there was the biggest german shepherd i have EVER SEEN. came up to mid thigh on me, and was just solid and huge. sweetest temperament, too. he knew how to play with the little ones really well, and was sweet to lester.

lester was less than impressed, but i think it did him some good on the whole, so we'll be going back for sure.

then, later, i walked down to the grocery store with michael and his jack russell terrier, finrod. finrod is a special boy, alright. he's SUPER happy to meet you, and he just LOVES you so much can he PLEASE eat yer face omg omg omg omg.

i came home and lester looked at me suspiciously before deigning to lick my foot. he's zonked out now, curled up inside a pair of my jeans.

i love dogs.

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  1. dog park! i wonder if I could take Sophie there? she's the only one who's vaguely well-socialized enough....